Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Traveling with Oxygen

Your doctor, aware of your special medical needs, can answer your questions regarding your ability to travel with oxygen. Always consult with your doctor before traveling.

When traveling, always make sure that you have enough oxygen for your trip. Your NRS customer service representative can help you calculate the correct amount. You are allowed to use oxygen in most public places, if in doubt, call before you go.

If traveling by car, your portable unit must be secured in an upright position. “Crack” your window to provide adequate ventilation. Never leave your unit in your vehicle for a long time and never store it in the trunk. Follow all oxygen safety precautions when traveling. Keep your oxygen away from heat and in a well ventilated area. Always request non-smoking areas.

No matter how you are traveling, contact the specific bus, train or airline for regulations and requirements concerning oxygen.

Before leaving, ask your doctor for a copy of your oxygen prescription. You will need this to obtain oxygen away from home. Call customer service to arrange for an oxygen supplier at your destination before departure.

If you plan to travel outside NRS area of coverage, and plan to take our equipment, you must sign an agreement stating your destination, length of stay, equipment taken and how to contact you at your destination.

Northwest Respiratory Services